We are Three One Duo

We believe in making you shine brighter than you already are.

At some point in our lives, we find ourselves struggling with expectations and judgements from other people. We want to fill your wardrobe with confidence and encourage you to be bold to chase your dreams.

It’s not always about the clothes they say, but the girl who wears them. Join us on this journey to discover your personality through the clothes you wear.

What's in the Name?

At Three One Duo, we believe that a girl can be Three things. A Dream Chaser, a Go-Getter, and a Trend Setter. With One right outfit, she can overcome all odds.

So stand strong in your clothes because with Three One Duo, you’ll never walk alone.

About our Founder

With nothing but a passion for fashion, Beatrice plucked up courage to pursue her lifelong dream. As a diploma graduate, everyone expected her to be furthering her studies in university. But she knew for sure that school was not made for her and headed straight on into the business after taking a few jobs here and there.

Along the way, she realised that what she was doing was not just about fashion, but about bringing like-minded individuals together. By using fashion as a medium to forge friendships, she hopes to build a community of girls who can be themselves and live a life filled with passion.